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What makes Farm to Fork Marketing different?

The mini case studies below show how marketing problems that are perhaps similar to yours have been solved with real, measurable results. Whether its how to market a product, develop a brand or build a business, I can help by leveraging past success to build future opportunities.  

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100% Sold out in the first two years

Problem:  How to brand and market a new product’s consumer benefits that has the potential for controversy or polarizing consumers?  

Solution:  Identify target consumer, understand their needs and pain points, develop conversation starters and refine the message to speak to them in their language

Result: Developed and successfully launched the first national produce brands improved through biotechnology in retail and foodservice - White Russet™ and Opal™, selling out the crop in each of its first two years.

innovating frozen French fries

Problem:  How to leverage a technology breakthrough in a stagnant category and launch a new product with a benefit that could create a negative perception on the category?

Solution:  Talked to heavy users, light users and rejectors of the category and find common needs and language to craft a marketing message that can potentially build the category.  Developed high impact packaging that shouted the benefit. 

Result:  Successfully launched CravOn™ Never Fried French Fries into test market in Southern California.  First significant innovation in frozen French fries in 15 years. 

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guac Ole Bag.jpg

adding $30M+ in Annual Sales

Problem:  How to leverage an existing packaging facility with significant underutilized capacity?

Solution:  Identified new product opportunities, new categories, new partners and created a custom manufacturing business

Result:  Developed Simplot’s custom manufacturing business through relationships with General Mills, Schwan’s, Sara Lee, Heinz, Nestle, and Bellisio Foods adding $30M+ in sales annually.

Branded Produce Positioning

Problem:  How to move some of the company’s products into a value added category?  

Solution:  Identified consumer needs for the value added category. Then obtained the resources and potential partners to create a supply chain for the premium product to grow, package, distribute and sell the premium product.  

Result:  Developed branded produce positioning platform for Syngenta and designed a premium retail produce section. Negotiated a 4-company joint venture to create the supply chain. 



Acquire or divest: A $2.5M – $125M Question

Problem:  The established business growth is slowing, so how can the business accelerate growth to create more value?  

Solution:  Evaluate existing businesses, product lines, which to keep, which to sell, and what new businesses to acquire to fuel growth.

Result:  Developed strategic road map, negotiated acquisitions and divestitures ranging from $2.5M to $125M for Heinz North Amercan frozen food companies. 


Making Bagel Bites a $100M brand

Problem:  How to leverage a group of regional brands to find a path for growth?  

Solution:  Conducted strategic analysis to identify lead horse business segments, brands and products.  Then conducted consumer research to learn why current heavy users buy, what need the product is meeting. Then talked with non-users to see what needs they have and learn if those intersected. Developed the marketing message and materials to drive trial by non-users creatively highlighting the benefit and tested it on a shoestring budget to prove it worked.  Expanded efforts upon success.

Result:  Took Bagel Bites from a regional business to a $100M brand for Heinz and grew the branded frozen specialty food business from $40M to $160M in 5 years.


$100M+ annually for Ore-Ida

Problem:  The business has fallen behind competitors, so what will it take to make the business at least equal and hopefully leap ahead of competitors?

Solution:  Conducted a strategic analysis of the competitive set, the company and existing products for strengths, weaknesses, and identify opportunities and gaps. Then created a new product development and launch plan.  

Result:  Reinvigorated the new product development process for Ore-Ida Foods and introduced 62 new items for retail and food service division over 2 years contributing $100M+ annually.

Variety trial with 9 chip companies

Problem:  How to launch a new potato variety improved through biotechnology into the chip industry?

Solution:  Worked to understand the needs of the growers and the processors.  Then developed a marketing message to communicate simply and clearly. Set appointments and shared the message with potential customers.  

Result:  Launched sales efforts into the potato chip industry for the Simplot’s Innate™ Atlantic & Snowden varieties – gaining trial at 9 potato chip companies.

chip process test.jpg

CW Logo PMS293.jpg

GrEw from 30 employees to 500+ employees

Problem:  Our Company has a name that’s been in use for years, but doesn’t have any real brand, so how can we leverage the company name and build a brand?

Solution:  Identified the “promise” that the company's products speak to its key target customers and then created the visual imagery to reflect that promise and benefit. Executed the branding implementation across all aspects of the company.

Results:  Developed the brand platform that Clearwater Analytics leveraged as a starting point to grow in top line revenues, new channels and new products. Clearwater Analytics  has grown from an unknown firm based in Boise, ID with 30 employees; to an international superstar with over 500 employees and offices in Boise, New York, and Scotland and Farm to Fork Marketing was there helping in the beginning.

Launched 40 sku’s across multiple categories

Problem:  A major retailer was in the middle of a new private label product crisis. Their internal team had committed to launching 60 new private label sku’s with a launch date in 10 weeks. The team only had 8 items with packaging ready to be printed with lead times for the rest of the items 12 - 16 weeks out.

Solution:  Marshaled Albertson’s internal resources, identified and obtained additional external resources across categories and across geographies. Led cross functional teams to accelerate and drive the project forward.

Result:  Launched over 40 sku’s across multiple categories with only a 3 week delay from original launch date.  




brand name and logo for Simplot’s Innate™ technology.

Problem:  How to brand and position a patented technology for genetically modifying and improving crops that could be acceptable to growers, processors and consumers?

Solution:  Brainstormed lists of names, did simple surveys with key constituents, arranged for legal clearance and then developed a brand logo for the selected name.  

Result:  Created the brand name and logo for Simplot’s Innate™ technology for improving crops through biotechnology. The name reflects the patented process to work within the plants own genes. 


  • Bellisio Foods
  • Albertsons
  • Costco
  • WalMart
  • Delta Dental
  • Clearwater Analytics
  • Fifty Gazelles
  • J.R. Simplot Company
  • Heinz
  • Syngenta
  • Sara Lee
  • General Mills
  • Chiquita
  • Nestle
  • Snyder Lance


“I have worked with Gary throughout his career, beginning at Heinz and at Simplot. He has an ability to see a vision, think creatively, bring ideas to life, lead a diverse team and give much more than asked. He is bright, well-spoken and a strong communicator. You can't go wrong with Gary!”
– Stan Darger, former VP-Chief Operating Officer, Weight Watchers Frozen Foods, H.J. Heinz Company
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary for over two decades. Gary possesses real experience that spans the life-span of a product. He speaks fluently about farm techniques and engineering; just as easily, he frames up a brand positioning, consumer learning journey or go-to market strategy. He is tireless in his pursuit of excellence. As a colleague or partner agency, Gary makes the journey of getting a product to market such a great experience for all”

– Michele Hayward, Founder, CEO, Bluedog Design - Top front-end innovation, brand strategy & design consultancy