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Why Farm to Fork Marketing? 

My career has reached into the full spectrum of the food supply chain, spanning organic, conventional and genetically modified crops and the resulting food we all enjoy! My experience includes developing marketing plans, new brands, repositioning existing brands, guiding the development of and launching of new products.

Most marketers stay within a segment of industry for their career. I have successfully marketed seed to farmers, crops to processors and produce distributors, and then food products to retailers, wholesalers, food service operators and ultimately the consumers who eat them.

From the farm to the fork, I have had the chance to listen, learn and apply the tools of marketing to help brands and products become a success. From small family businesses to large complex companies, they all have challenges but need unique solutions tailored to their situation, their target customer, and their budget.



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I will help your business grow! 

Brand Management

If you do not yet have a brand established, I can help you unlock your story, its emotional drivers, visual cues, colors, and more that fits with your business model, your strategy and key target groups. Then based on your needs I can help you navigate through the resources to bring your brand to life consistently across all your marketing materials.

If you already have a brand, I can do a brand audit to ensure its still speaking consistently and where its not, how to align to become consistent with your brand story and then progress to marketing management to spread the message your brand promises to your target consumer for growth.

Marketing Management

I can bring your target market into focus, develop the positioning statements to capture the emotional connection they have with your brand. Then ensure the consistency and coherence of your messaging.  Marketing management means understanding the competitive landscape, where your brand fits with its key target, and then what tools to use to speak to them, when to speak and where. Its a comprehensive plan for the year or the next quarter, all customized for your needs and business.

Product Development

How does your current product line fit with your target consumer and your brand? What else can help broaden your brand's customer base and sales? Then lead the resources either internal or identify external resources to bring the new products to life.


What areas of your business can be leveraged for growth opportunities? Which are your most profitable customer segments? What acquisitions or divestitures might help propel your business forward? All of these questions can be explored and answers developed with your team.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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